Laminate Flooring San Antonio, TX

Our Laminate flooring is a welcome alternative to the vinyl floors of yesterday, offering the classic look of organic hardwood flooring at a lower cost. Our laminate floors feature a broad collection of styles and colors and an easy-to-install click-lock system. Our laminates do not  require the use of adhesives which makes it easy to install any flooring project in your home or business. Laminate wood flooring provides exceptional durability and timeless beauty that can easily increase the value of your home.

All of our floors come with a sound supreme premium underlayment.  Our premium underlayment has one of the highest sound ratings available in the US. It is anti-bacterial, mold, and mildew resistant.  It comes with a self adhering tape for better insulation.  It can be used on both concrete and wood floors.  With our premium underlayment no vapor barrier is needed to insulate and protect your floor.  This provides a quieter sound laying option than using a laminate floor with pre-attached padding.  None of our floors come with pre-attached padding! We provide a premium underlayment that serves as moisture and sound barrier.  We do not recommend pre-attached padding because it doesn't give a complete sound barrier solution and doesn't offer any moisture barrier capability.

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